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From Wikipedia:

The Third Doctor's final story was to be The Final Game by Robert Sloman.[6] The story was to feature the Master, and to reveal that he and the Doctor were two aspects of the same individual—the Doctor being the ego (the intellectual part), while the Master was the id (the instinctive, violent part).[citation needed] The story was to end with the Master dying in a manner which suggested that he was trying to save the Doctor's life.[14]



So, I'm wondering if anyone can tell me where Wikipedia has gotten the idea that Final Game would have featured ego!Doctor vs. id!Master. This makes no sense to me because:

1) It is internally inconsistent. Why would id!Master sacrifice himself for ego!Doctor? And even if we buy that he might (but why would he???), why would this "sacrifice" be at all dramatically satisfying and/or emotionally engaging?

2) The whole things seems incredibly inconsistent with the show's characterization of Three and Delgado. For a character who is pure id, the Master seems awfully abstemious. When does he ever indulge himself? That cigar in Mind of Evil is one of the few instances that comes to mind. We might also count his little quips as a bit of self indulgence, but really. This man is much less visibly hedonistic than even the Doctor. And what about his fear of being laughed at? Id!Master should be shameless, shouldn't he?

So, basically, I'm confused and would be very pleased to learn that this is all just a rumor...


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